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Happy December!

Here at New Vine, We see a world where the gifted artist is supported and enabled to pursue the creation of amazing music, and to organically find connection with their audience. We aim to do this by securing the means, spaces, and resources needed for the development of tomorrow's artist and their original expression. The reading below will give you a quick update on some awesome things that have been happening in and around our community over the last few months to help us move closer to our goals!


One of the things that we’ve always believed in and will never get away from is our desire to develop the artist on a long-term level. We’ve seen many times that in order to create great artistry, there needs to be development not only musically, but mentally and emotionally as well. LEO has been a great demonstrator of this by going on a journey with us over the past four years.

Because of your support of artists like this, Leo has recently gained the attention of NBC and is scheduled for an audition for one of their productions this January!

Also, LEO has currently written a new EP and will be in the process of recording soon, and is also currently forming a band to play out live with. This is the result of walking with us for years and building a relationship that’s not only musical, but also mental and emotional. This is the hope for any artist that we work with. We believe that these kind of partnerships is what will create longevity in the music industry, replacing the motives of achieving money and fame with those of valuing relationship.


As we mentioned in our previous newsletter we have partnered with Jeff Goodmark, a local producer, to co-create a live music podcast that features musicians and artists who have originated from the Ithaca area.  Since then, we have finished the recordings for the first season of this podcast: 10 episodes! We are now partnering with Jeff to release these episodes to whatever platform you listen to podcasts on, so be sure to go and check out this unique opportunity we get to be a part of!

If you would like to help with this awesome podcast, simply click here to give on our projects donation page!


From the summer and into the fall, we’ve been full of in-studio recordings with several new artists, live recordings, mixing, mastering and production.  Apart from Ithaca Is Music which has given us great opportunities, we’ve also been working with difference projects including scoring for short films out of CA, foley work, quality recordings, conference video and audio recording, and much more!


As we have gone through this journey, we continue to find ourselves more and more thankful everyday for your continued support.  We cannot do meaningful music without you and we are sincerely grateful for everything that you do! Though we do not see you or interact with you everyday, your hands are all over the work that is being accomplished here day-in and day-out.  Thank you for the many ways you are helping to establish this mission!

Your support of NV allows us continue to continue a vibrant entertainment culture, as you have just read. Please join us in this endeavor! To do this, you can connect with us today on our partner page with a one-time or monthly gift by clicking the button below. 

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