We wanted to start this New Vine newsletter with a quick update of what Amy and I and the kids have been up to!  Amy is busy working and running the kids around, and when she gets a chance, hanging out with me!  Other than that I am usually either on the road, at an event, or in the studio working with artists, recording, or training.  Our son John is about to do the final work associated with his eagle scout!  Pretty exciting!  Hannah (apart from developing her music) is waitressing, and is moving into her first official apartment with roommates this June.  Madison is working hard at homeschooling, and serving at youth group!  Finally - Micah is almost two and a half and is pretty much running the place!  Rambunctious is the word we like to use to describe him!!  He enjoys the attention, and we really enjoy him.




We have officially welcomed Ithaca artist Josh Markley on to our roster here at New Vine Records!  Josh Markley is a singer-songwriter from Upstate NY.  Some of his influences are John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, and Dashboard Confessional. In 2015, he decided to pursue a career in music and has been writing songs and playing shows ever since. He writes from very personal experiences in his life of loss, love, and doubt.  He hopes his music will help others who feel the same and let them know they aren't alone.


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We have been approached by author Dan White Jr. and Moody Publishing to co-produce a project with the release of a highly anticipated book, “Love Over Fear.”

How this will work is very cool! New Vine will collaborate with our artists to produce five songs that line up with the synopsis of the book. Each of the five songs will progressively follow the arc of the book, as it will be written producing a mini-concept EP so to speak.  The book, along with many other media and materials, will launch May 2019 nationwide!  Our artists and mission will be displayed as well in this book release.

Dan (the author) leads a developing network of communities in the urban neighborhoods of Syracuse, NY.  After being a full-time pastor for 15 years in more institutional structured churches, his family along with 5 other families moved into the city to pioneer a simpler/missional/communal approach to being the church. Together their communities are multiplying into diverse neighborhoods learning to serve,
listen and extend the all-consuming love of Jesus. 




Artist Leo has been in studio producing her next album along with the current set of single releases over the next year. “Limerence,” “You Brought Me Home,” and “Peru.” Currently a lyric video as well as a fully produced music video will be released for “Peru” and “You Brought Me Home.” An email news blast will be sent when these are released digitally worldwide.


We are also happy to announce that Glowing Moses has been placed in rotation on "ClassX Radio". This station reaches Cincinnati, OH, Kentucky, and Indiana and has a far reach within those areas. We are also exploring other radio stations where we can put our artists on including "The Effect" Radio which has airplay all across the country. Please pray that God would continue to progress these current relationships and that He would supply us with more opportunities like these.


We are receiving several interview opportunities per the release of our full length album from "Oh Eternity" from last year from media outlets and podcasts. For example, Australian podcasters “The Eclectic” just released an interview with roster artist “Oh Eternity.” Lead member Micah Bishop of "Oh Eternity" was present and was able to share about their latest album release, industry news, and their faith. Have a listen here!!  



There are some amazing projects New Vine is working on that will be releasing this year. These include an EP by Josh Markley, a full-length album from rock group Remnant, a new full-length by Leo, and a full-length release by Glowing Moses! We will be working on and releasing these projects throughout the year so be on the lookout for releases in your emails!



Already rostered artists have been busy playing live this year. Josh Markley has played six events so far while Leo has played three and Oh Eternity was booked at a larger ministry conference event (earlier in March). New Vine takes part in the booking and management of each of these events, generating a lot of logistical challenges, so we are looking for another booking agent to help carry the load. However, this puts us on pace to exceed our number of live events we had last year. Praise God!


We have always been involved in a local church community. This last year, our community has started missions training in a movement called V3. For a closer look at this, click here to check out one of the books we are using to develop our strategic involvement in Ithaca and the world.  It fits well into our vision for reaching the arts, especially in our local surroundings.


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Since its founding, the Center for the Arts has become one of Central New York’s preeminent presenter of the arts, and a proponent of community enrichment through world-class entertainment, and arts education. We recently have been approached to book several NV artists. Going forward, we will be working with them to give our artists opportunities to play alongside national acts that come through the Homer Center for the Arts live events.



We have also been presented with an opportunity to partner with a local Ithaca Podcast, founded by a member of the Ithaca community for over 20 years. This is an answer to prayer for us as we’ve been looking for ways to get involved with the arts community in Ithaca and this will provide a direct avenue to doing just that. This podcast will be focusing mainly on showcasing great local artists (ours included) by interviewing them to see where they get their inspiration from. This is one of the most exciting things that has been presented to us over the years and we ask for your prayers that this would move forward and we would be able to have a strong impact within this community!

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