Hello from The Ruttle Family ANd NV TEAM!


I wanted to start this New Vine newsletter with a quick update of what Amy and I and the kids have been up to!  

Family life with a new little guy has been a blast, mixed with the teenage landscape of friends, meetings, and sleepovers! At work, I have been focused on donor development, coordinating live events, studio production in recording, mixing, and mastering. Amy has been busy homeschooling Carter and Madison, and keeping tabs on the newest addition to the family, Micah!  Carter is working on achieving his eagle scout project, Madison is working hard with homeschooling, painting and drawing, and Micah is sprouting up like a bean stalk! Hannah is taking a big step and moving into her new apartment in Elmira for the next 10 months. We will miss her around the house. Whew! Life is good!!

To skip all the good stuff, and see our summer immediate needs and prayer requests, click here!  Otherwise, read on!!

What We Are Up To!

New Vine is a missional community centered in worship, resulting in a heart that desires to reach outward. We love God, then carry Jesus beyond the four walls of the church within our vocation as artists. The following projects and stories are the result of this missional philosophy, enjoy!

New Vine Creatives

New Vine Creatives is a community that meets once a month to connect with new artists and discuss art in a constructive, fun atmosphere. We worship and fellowship and share a devotion from the book, “The Artisan Soul." Click here to learn more!


Glowing Moses

We are thrilled to be working with a new rock band, Glowing Moses out of Cleveland, Ohio. We are in the process of raising missional support with a two-year budget, covering all of their expenses associated with this work. New Vine is co-developing this method with a service called WayGiver, developed by one of our board members, Luke Brookhart, and friend Doug Goodrich. Earlier in the month we recorded their single, “Hourglass” which will be released soon, introducing them to our community of patrons.


Worship Director Mackenzie Coe

We recently met with the worship director from His Tabernacle Family Church in Horseheads, NY. They have been writing new worship music and have a desire to record an Easter album. We are so excited to have the opportunity to capture the hearts of this worship team through their music. Incredible things happen when believers come together and we expect great things from this project.


Audio Feed

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend Audio Feed. Audio Feed is a music festival that focuses on music, art, and community. It is a great place to network! In fact, we met Tony Horvath from Anthanatos ministries while there. If you want to check out our podcast interview click here!  


Matt Goldman

When we returned from AudioFeed, we brought a present for the studio - the talented and renowned producer, Matt Goldman from Atlanta, GA!  Matt bunked at the studio for a week and helped with track production for Remnant’s upcoming album (due for release in 2018). It was a privilege to work with Matt, his expertise, along with Tyler's writing and musicianship for his new music!


Artist Jasmine Tate


Recently we have been talking with an amazing artist and missional leader named Jasmine Tate. She excels in training missional artists and we look forward to her helping develop some of our family as well!  She will be ministering at our NV Creatives group on September 9th. Be sure to come! A must see event! To get to know Jasmine, click here!


Artist Jared Campbell

Early this summer we began a new project with Jared Campbell. Jared is beginning to work on his new kids album. We love that we are able to record music that will have a lasting impact on the coming generations from all backgrounds. Jared's kid's music is explosive!



Another exciting visit here at New Vine was the BOCES crew! We had the opportunity to have high schoolers come and learn about the music industry, production, recording, and artistry. It was amazing for us to pour into the teens of today and inspire them toward a music industry path.


New Hire Kayla Bernard

We have recently been able to hire on a new employee. Kayla interned for us two years ago when she was in school at Houghton College. Now she has rejoined us to help with administration, live event coordination, and production. We are thankful to have her on the team!


Finally, and most importantly, we have been seeing new life out on the mission field! Genuine conversion. In Ohio, one of our newer groups Glowing Moses shared the Lord with some of the bands they play with as well as others who were in the audience.

This is why we get up in the morning!!!

Partnership With New Vine

If you feel led, your monthly support of NV allows the gospel to continue it's mission to permeate the entertainment culture, as you have just read. The light is truly shining in the dark. Please join us in this endeavor! To do this, you can connect today through our partner page with a one-time or monthly gift on our website by clicking here!


Prayer Requests!

Prayer requests for New Vine are: Opportunity for new live venue relationships to form. A successful album release for Oh, Eternity and upcoming single release for Glowing Moses. Many more opportunities for salvation and Jesus presence at each of our events.  30 new monthly supporters by 2018!

Immediate Needs!

Our immediate financial needs are: $1500 for catch up operational expenses (power bill) in the month of July and $800 dollars for artist project expenses that we owe to third party contractors.  If you have questions about these, please contact our office manager Kayla, at 607-347-5014.   

Your regular support is applied to a budget to pay a minimal staff, artist services, travel, and our basic operations. We record your gifts, send you a yearly report, and it’s tax deductible! We are aware that in today’s world, there are many nonprofits and charities to give toward so we don’t take your support of this mission for granted! Thank you for all that you do! It does not go unnoticed.

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JC & Amy Ruttle
Executive Directors
of New Vine Media