We are stoked to partner with the following groups and their projects...

"Ithaca Is Music" intends to let artists and songwriters tell the stories behind the songs. Using a scripted interview format, songwriters will have a forum to enlighten the world about what was going on for them leading up to the moment that a song was written. Songwriters will be encouraged to tell the audience as much or as little about the actual meaning of the songs and expand on the lyrics and or the process that went into their creations. After each explanation the artist/band will then perform their song in front of a live audience.  During the recording of the podcast artists will be asked to explain and then perform 4 songs. After the 4 songs are performed the host will turn the stage over to the band.... READ MORE

Pursue Happiness has the flavor, palatability and convenience of a ready-to-drink (RTD) iced coffee, combined with the nutritional benefits of a protein shake.  But the real magic is in the moo!  What sets Pursue Happiness apart from its competitors is its source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), produced naturally and sustainably from the cows at Spruce Haven Farm. It is a product that directly connects the consumers back to the farm and provides financial rewards towards its raw suppliers, in hopes of sustaining a healthy economic environment in which to remain in agriculture. Pursue Happiness encompasses all four of its core principles: human health, sustainability, traceability.... READ MORE






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