Artist Oh Eternity was the recipient of New Vine Media’s 2017 “Artifex Award", or artist of the year award. The group received the award for their overall work over the past year which included audio and video releases, live events, and artist growth and development. The band was chosen not only for the quality and quantity of their work, but also for their dedication to improving their craft. They consistently demonstrated a close adherence and alliance with the values and ideals of New Vine Media. 

"We really enjoy their genuine heart and love of creating music and their love for the Lord, and also, they're just great guys to be around," John Carter, New Vine Media Executive Director, said. "They always bring a smile and a great spirit when they’re around.”

On receiving the award, frontman and rhythm guitarist Micah Bishop said, “We are sincerely humbled and honored to receive this award with all it represents. It’s cool to be a part of such a great organization that really cares about not only the art, but the artists and the people behind it. Thank you to New Vine and everyone that supports us and our music!”