An amazing year for music missions!

We believe we're entering into a radical or revolutionary time in which Jesus is challenging us (the body of Christ) to reach beyond the walls of the church. There's a sense He wants us to do this to make real opportunities and connections with people to get to know Jesus Christ. The way we primarily do that is to reach people through the vocation of music.

Our Mission

How do we do this? New Vine focuses on the spiritual and practical development of the artist through our record label New Vine Records. By doing this, we believe that we have an opportunity to capture the artist and therefore reclaim the arts for Christ. Because of your support, we've been empowered to follow this path.  

Progress This Year

This year we added a new band into our missional community at New Vine. Glowing Moses is a creative four-piece rock band from Cleveland, Ohio who take their music to dark places. They're pretty awesome, genuine guys who have a real heart for Christ. New Vine recorded a single for Glowing Moses as well called "Hourglass." We released Oh, Eternity's full length album, "I exist" as well as Steven Combs E.P. "Home." And finally, we released a lyric video for Oh, Eternity's single "Lift my Eyes."

Live Events

We had an awesome opportunity of having our artists play more than 40 times this year! Because of your support, we were able to send artists into coffeehouses, to churches, clubs, breweries, and bars all over the Northeast. What's significant about that is we're going to where people are. We're not asking them to come to our place, but instead, like Jesus said, "Go and make disciples!" We're sending our artists and our people into places where people like to frequent and make opportunity for connection.

To Disciple An Artist

We found that artists need an environment or space where they can freely create and be encouraged in their work. New Vine Creatives is a monthly meeting where artists come to share their art, learn from other experts, and be trained to be true to who God created them to be in that process.

Artists In Development

Building upon New Vine Creative's meeting we follow up with a program where we give creators a conduit to work more closely with our producers. They begin to work in environments where they are challenged and inspired. So from the conception of their art to completion they walk with us through a process of writing, arranging, demoing, recording, mixing, mastering, and then finally the release of one of their songs.

Year End

In May of this year, we had our second annual gala and we were able to raise more than $81,000 in pledges. It was a lot of fun! Phil Keaggy played and was awesome! As we draw to the close of 2017, we feel incredibly thankful to have your support! However, we have fallen short of some of our pledge money, and so we're asking that you would help us to meet that goal and to reach the $87,000 mark. Currently we sit at the $81,000 mark. This gap is what we need in order to fulfill regular operations of project cost, payroll, studio maintenance, utilities, travel, etc.

Our Heart

We believe in a legacy for the generations that come after us . . . a "new" way of doing music. A place where they can build from and influence the world through the arts in Christ. Would you please consider at the end of this year to continue to support us with a year-end donation? Whether it's a one time gift or monthly commitment for this missional work, we value and stretch every penny. We understand there are many worthy causes to support in today's world, yet art is one of those things that even a baby, whose never even heard music before, will start dancing when they first hear it. It's truly a powerful medium that we believe we as believers should be investing into. There is such a great need to reclaim the arts for Jesus Christ! Our pledge is a continued voice and an organization committed to discipling the artist.

If we do not disciple the artist, others will, and do!

From Amy and I, our community of artists, staff, and board, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

God bless you all!