Leo is a folk artist from Ithaca, NY consisting of guitarist and vocalist Hannah Ruttle. Hannah started writing in 2013 and has since written a large number of songs that she plans to release as an EP.  Leo seeks to weave tales of life, loss and love through the music that she creates.



Steven Combs is an American singer-songwriter from upstate New York. Inspired by artists like Jon Foreman, John Mark McMillan, and All Sons & Daughters, Steven’s biggest passion became songwriting in his early college years. He discovers most of his songs in the pages of the psalms, but also in the words and lives of the people he encounters.


Oh eternity

What started as an acoustic two piece has turned into a four man band with many different influences ranging from metal, punk, alternative, jazz, and ambient/ethereal sounds. The band has a unique sound that is not only attractive to the listener but also makes them think. As a new year begins so does a new phase for the band in 2016. Their writing is inspired by life, faith, experiences, and the journey of each band member. While being raw and honest in their lyrics and music they are able to portray life and hope to a world that is searching for more.


Glowing Moses is an explosive new rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Drawing from influences like Queens of the Stone Age, and Led Zeppelin, they are redefining the boundaries of rock n’ roll.  In 2013 he discovered he had a talent for crafting intricate and dynamic songs. He met band mate and Sandusky native Jake Tetzloff while the two were baristas at Starbucks.  In February 2016 They began jamming in Cole's basement "Black Keys" style with Jake on the drums. They landed on the name Glowing Moses as a nod to Cleveland founder, Moses Cleveland. Glowing Moses played their first show at the Iron Ward Music Festival in Cleveland.